Al Ahlia Cooperative Insurance Co

"Al Ahlia" for Cooperative Insurance is based in Riyadh the capital of kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it attributes its success to the working group which includes a team of professionals on high level of expertise and competence, this team is responsible for the preparation and design of insurance programs, that suits the work nature of the clients and provides technical consultations to them, as well as to provide various insurance services criteria for world-level innovative. The work team is divided between the company administration and main branches throughout the Kingdom to increase customers, senior businessmen and investors' confidence in the Company.

The ones for peace of mind

At "Al Ahlia for Cooperative Insurance", we are an elite group of specialized professionals with deep and long experiences in the insurance field. We strive hard to provide the highest levels of peace of mind for our clients, standing in front of any challenge or danger that can cause them anxiety. Our strategy basic approach is sincerity in dealing, and accuracy in performance, as well as transparency and commitment and responsibility. Therefore, we say with all confidence and pride we are the ones for peace of mind.