KSB Capital Group

KSB Capital Group, a closed Saudi joint stock company with a capital of 230,000,000 (two hundred and thirty million) SAR, was founded by a decision of the Minister of Trade No. 3626. It is registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under Commercial Registration number 1010227520 and holds a license issued by the Capital Market Authority No. 07062-37 on 04/06/2007 which authorizes the company to operate as a principal and undertake the activities of coverage, management, arrangement, counseling and custody of securities. KSB Capital Group adheres to Sharia standards as it undertakes all of its activities in accordance with the provisions and principles of Islamic Sharia.

To lead the investment sector in the Kingdom through prospecting for promising investment opportunities to offer the best investment products, with the highest levels of quality, excellence and professionalism in performance, while maintaining our ​​ Islamic values and frameworks. Therefore, KSB is the best choice for investors who are looking for a return on investment that is compliant with the Islamic Sharia and the latest professional standards. In addition, KSB offers a variety of unique services and products peculiar to its clients who make use of all new and innovative instruments in the field of Islamic investment which meet the needs of local and regional market.

In KSB, we regard investment as a style and method that is based on innovation and creating opportunities which take Islamic Sharia as the basis of their earning. Being an investment option, KSB adheres to transparency, which builds confidence. Confidence is based on responsibility, and responsibility in its turn requires honesty. Therefore, our vision is: Investment is honesty.

KSB Companies

  • KSB - Ajyad Al Sad
  • KSB - Qatarya Fund
  • KSB - Saudi Bio-Acids Co
  • KSB - Jubail Land Project
  • KSB - Capital Group
  • KSB - City
  • KSB - Furas Real Estate Fund
  • KSB - Granada Compound Fund
  • KSB - Hyper Market Fund 1
  • KSB - Madinah Fund
  • KSB - Nawarah Scheme Real Estate Fund
  • KSB - Real Estate Income Fund 1
  • KSB - Taybah
  • KSB - View Tower
  • KSB - IPOS Fund
  • KSB - Bait Makkah Fund
  • KSB - Rehab Villas Real State Fund
  • KSB - Real State Income Fund
  • KSB - Murabaha
  • KSB - Mawtan Specialist Fund