Visual Identity & Branding

The Visual identity of the institutions or organizations by which they display themselves internally and externally plays an important role in expressing the values, ambitions, their works, and their specializations.

Arts & Design

Does not vacate the areas of the field, was industrially or commercially, however, was based from near or from afar on a type or more of fine arts and artistic design. Over the ages, and since the beginning of human civilization, the arts of carvings, drawings or colors is the language of communication between humans.

Websites & Mobile Applications

Websites are magic window to the outer world which can be accessed in a moment and which are available to all people and gives a definition of the company.We are prividing domains registration and hosting services in addition to the design and programming to suit the customer's desire and fulfills his services and satisfies needs.

Digital Arts

The digital effects are still one of the most beautiful and influential ways of media production on the mind of the public, which can be seen on TV commercials or roads ads, or supportive to websites or the institution accounts on the e-channels.

3D Designs & Mockups

It's great that you can see your works in 3D before we start production processes, whether we are talking about the design of publications and models for exhibitions or marketing suites.


Professional photography with its facilities, abilities, tools and illuminations enables the organization to display its products or services properly.

Video & Film Production

With the development of electronic screens and the prevalence of social networking accounts and the superiority of television over newspapers and magazines, the organization's services and products should be documented and presented to the audience in an easily accessible way.

Printing & Packaging

Still printing, with the development of other means of advertising is that occupies the first place, which motivated specialized printing services companies to work on the development of their printing systems & solutions, and every day we see many fascinating breakthroughs in this field.

Marketing & Solutions

Marketing plan occupies the first place in the success of any institution which include a definition of the institution, a description of their products or services they provide, the targeted customers, the development of the institution and its status compared to its competitors in the market.

Media Compaigns

Media campaigns do not only depend on the implementation of the highest specifications or costs to achieve the desired goal of the campaign, but also well- prepared advanced planning, and where to put your media, and who will listen to it or read it or see it, and coordinating the campaign launching time whether in the outdoor media, radio, TV, magazines or newspapers, advertisements, in a considerable and accurate order.

Events & Exhibitions

Strive Competitions are always found in the field of organizing events and exhibitions, which often include the people of your own profession displaying the best in a perfect way, and here it is necessary to innovate the latest and the most dazzling things that serve the company's goals and reflects its power in the market at the same time.

Gifts & Promotional Items

Although the business market nowadays is harsh and hard, however, the time didn't pass to present so different types of gifts related to you, which have been developed as a way of gratitude and thanking to an employee, a company or a customer, or even as a kind of souvenir from your company.

Seeking for integration

Spectrumlights is providing services to private companies and official government agencies as well. It also works with dozens of local and international brands.

Spectrumlights has a team of experts in their field who excels the best and effective ways that influence the public because They have extensive experience in international companies before joining us and this valuable experience qualifies us to be a one of the pioneers of advertising industry .

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